Simon Hunziker

Simon Hunziker -

Founder / CEO

Simon shapes the future with his innovative ideas, creative approaches to projects and a lot of passion. He is a graduated engineer - with versatile skills in media technology, motion graphics and visual effects.

In summer, you often see him in the Swiss mountains for hiking or mountain biking.

He speaks fluently in English, French and Italian.


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  • LED outdoor PAR cans

    The full-color PAR cans are equipped with RGBW chips are bright, energy-efficient and feature an outstanding price / performance ratio. The model series includes the EXPO 18, EXPO 07, the white light EXPO 36 and the LED bar EXPO 15.


    EXPO 18

    4 in 1 - Equipped with up to 18 high-performance LEDs in the colors red, green, blue and white, the EXP18 ensures perfect color mixing. A rich white, pastel tones and even strobe effects are possible.

    Datasheet (in German)

    Quickguide manual (in German)


    EXPO 36

    For pure white in warm or cold temperature, the EXP36 ensures perfect light. Ideal for exhibition stands, front lights, etc.

    Datasheet (in German)



    EXPO 07

    The small spot EXP07 skillfully brings small areas into a hotspot

    Datasheet (in German)



    EXPO 15-BAR

    With the EXP15 LED bar you can create extraordinary lighting effects thanks to the individual control of the LED. (Knight-Rider-Effect).

     Datasheet (in German)

    All devices have a display menu navigation and can be easily configured. Whether automatically in the DMX network, as master / slave control - even programming without a control panel is possible. 15 devices in series - The low power consumption makes it easy to connect multiple lights in series. As a result, the installation effort is massively reduced, saving time, cables and cost.

    The devices are suitable either for IP20 for indoor use or for outdoor use IP65.



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    Simon Hunziker
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