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What we do

Nowadays, light is taken for granted. But as soon as you need light for a larger project with special effects you suddenly find yourself in search of a suitable competent partner who delivers outstanding services and pursues a customer-oriented approach.

movinglight-design.ch provides you with services in the fields of:

- projection mapping

- motion graphics & visual effects

- sound systems

- visual designs for artistic performances (art-visual design)

Plunge into the world of light and ideas and enlighten yourself with movinglight-design.ch!


  • Projection Mapping

    Playing with lights is fascinating and creates emotions.

  • Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

    Creating sophisticated motions, graphics and cinematic visual effects

  • Sound Systems

    Your sound, our technology, in corporation with lights even better!

  • Art-Visual-Design

    Special designs and customized solutions with lights!

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